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Smile Design

Love your smile

Smile Design

We can use veneers to cover up discoloured teeth, correct a gap between your front teeth or hide a crooked tooth from sight. Veneers are made from porcelain which is semi-translucent and looks just like tooth enamel.

Our friendly clinicians will spend time with you to discover your vision for the perfect smile before offering advice on cosmetic options that best suit your bespoke needs. As well as the visible results, our patients have commented on the positive impact on their personal life, with a boost to their self-confidence and overall happiness.

Our Dentists are proud members of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and are committed to learning the latest and best techniques that will leave you smiling with confidence.

love your smile

Six steps to getting your smile design

  1. As with all our treatments, the initial consultation is absolutely free. We use this time to talk through how we can completely transform your smile using veneers. It’s a great opportunity for you to chat through any concerns and help us to understand what results you’re after.
  2. We take impressions of your teeth. These impressions provide us with your measurements so we can create the best possible result. Using these impressions, the lab can create a wax up of how your mouth can look with custom veneers.
  3. We invite you back when we have the wax up. It’s a great opportunity for you to try before you buy. If you want to make any changes to your future smile, it’s completely possible to do so.
  4. One of the best things about veneers is how little preparation is needed for their fitting. A small amount of enamel may need to be removed from the front surfaces of your teeth for a superior fit. We always make sure you are comfortable during any preparation. Once done, we take more impressions and these are sent to the lab.
  5. In the time between appointments, we provide temporary lab-made veneers for any prepared teeth. These keep you looking great while waiting for your own custom veneers and also protect your teeth. Meanwhile, your veneers are crafted in a world-class laboratory in the US. We believe in providing best service possible and have invested in using the very best labs for our veneers and restorations.
  6. Once these are finished, we invite you back for your fitting. It’s a really exciting time to see how your smile will look. We make sure you are 100% sure about them before fitting. Once we’re all happy, we fit them to your teeth using a strong dental cement.


Cosmetic Wax-up




In-chair Professional Whitening

Dental Implants

Orthopaedic Orthodontics


£850 per arch

£825-£1030 per tooth

£825-£1030 per tooth

£825-£1030 per units

£373.50-£314 (short notice standby rate £350)

£1,825 per dental implant fully restored

£2,655-£5995 per treatment phase

Love your smile

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