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Dental Implant Centre in Jersey

If you’re worried about missing teeth or wobbly dentures, we can help. Dental implants are the next best alternative to your natural teeth, and can help to create a natural looking, beautiful smile.

Dental implants are made of titanium and act like roots of teeth. They are placed in the bone under the gum. Once an intimate bond between bone and implant is achieved, natural-looking dentures, bridges or crowns can then be attached to your dental implant(s). Dentures held in place using implants are incredibly secure. Wherever crowns or bridges are used to restore implants, they act and appear very much like your normal teeth.

love your smile

How are the implants placed?

Step 1: We will only place implants in a healthy mouth, so the starting point is to carry out any basic treatment first to achieve this. You will require a visit to our Hygiene Team to give you the healthiest of gums and may mean some routine dental care to achieve your optimal dental health.

Step 2: We will then complete a 'bone assessment', a short appointment of about thirty minutes that is completely pain-free and will allow us to examine you and collate all the clinical information we need to assess your implant suitability. Your dentist will also talk you through the treatment process at this appointment.

Step 3: Some patients may require a bone graft if the assessment shows too little bone to hold an implant successfully. We will use a method which is the least invasive for your comfort.

Step 4: Once all your treatment plan options are discussed with you and we have your consent, your implant can be placed.

Step 5: A post-surgical review.

Step 6: A period of 4-6 months is allowed for the implant to settle into the bone.

Step 7: Your implant is then restored.


Dental Implant Assessment

Dental Implants






£1,825 per dental implant fully restored

£1,350-£1,850 per denture

£825 - £1,030 per tooth

£825 - £1,030 per unit