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With Direct Access You Can Now See Our Hygienists Directly

In the past, you had to see a dentist at the same time as seeing a hygienist in Jersey but thankfully now the General Dental Council has recognised the high standard of care provided by dental hygienists and therapists. This means you can now book an appointment to see our excellent dental hygienists or our dental therapists without the need to see book a dentist appointment at the same time. This is called Direct Access.

love your smile

New Patient Programme

An initial hygiene assessment and clean is essential for any new patient as part of their dental care, whether you are beginning your self-improvement journey or simply want to have confidence in your dental wellbeing. At this appointment one of our Dental Hygienists will assess your mouth and gums, they will also record your baseline oral health score and take intra oral pictures.

Your Dental Hygienist will look at your personal oral hygiene regime and give professional advice, while recommending products based on your individual needs. Whatever your situation, whether you have considerations to be taken into account such as dentures or braces, our treatment is always tailored to your own health and well-being requirements. Your appointment will also include scaling and debris removal using an ultrasonic water scaler and hand instrumentation, followed by a full mouth polish This is a thorough and gentle dental cleaning treatment that will leave your mouth feeling clean and revitalised.

Your Dental Hygienist may ask you to return for further hygiene treatment so that we can assure you of the strength of your oral health.

This will depend on the following factors:

  • The current condition of your gums
  • The amount of plaque/ scale/ stain
  • The presence of gum disease or
  • If a specific area of your mouth needs to be revisited/reviewed
  • The need to review your oral health regime, progress and challenges
  • Length of time since your last visit to a Dental Hygienist

Regular Maintenance

If you’re a regular attender who wants that minty fresh feeling, this classic clean is for you. Patients will benefit from gentle removal of hard and soft deposits using a combination of ultrasonic water scaling techniques and hand instrumentation. This is followed by a full mouth polish to remove the everyday staining and includes screening for gum disease. This treatment will aid cleaning, prevent further build up and most importantly help you maintain a healthy mouth so you can leave smiling with confidence.

For those patients with heavy, stubborn staining, a longer appointment for further dental cleaning may be required. Your Dental Hygienist will then use their state of the art air polishing system to clean those difficult to reach areas. This is followed by a full mouth polish to smooth the teeth and make them feel squeaky clean, for a sparkling smile.

Supportive Care

There are some patients who require added support with their dental care and this may involve more regular visits with our Hygiene Team. This could be for reasons including previous history of gum disease or tooth decay, or medical conditions that may influence oral health and need additional observation. All Supportive Care visits will include a thorough scale and removal of any build up, using the ultrasonic water scaler along with gentle hand instrumentation. Assessment of your oral hygiene habits will also be a key part of Supportive Care visits, to ensure that you are aware of any modifications that could benefit your oral health, such as the use of dental floss, for example.

Cosmetic Clean

A Cosmetic Clean can be used alongside your Regular Maintenance visits. It is ideal for patients who are up-to-date with their regular programme of care and have a healthy mouth, but have front teeth that tend to build up scale/tartar or staining between their regular appointments. Your Dental Hygienist will focus on the teeth towards the front of the mouth to make your teeth feel cleaner and appear noticeably brighter.

Periotherapy Program

Our Periotherapy Programme aims to:

  • Improve your daily plaque control and oral cleaning regime to improve your overall oral hygiene (very important to the success and result of the treatment)
  • Remove hard and soft plaque above and below the gum line
  • Reduce bacteria in the mouth
  • Reduce pocket depths between the tooth and gum to make the mouth more manageable to clean
  • Reduce bleeding of the gums
  • Prevent tooth loss in the future

* Please note, depending on your gums and response to the initial Periotherapy Programme, a further course of treatment may be required. Your Dental Hygienist will always advise you following the results of the first treatment.


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