Worried About Payment for Dental Treatment? Our Payment Plan Will Help You Budget

Worried About Payment for Dental Treatment? Our Payment Plan Will Help You Budget

May 22, 2017

Do you put off dental check-ups because you are concerned about the cost? Here at the Cosmetic Dental Group, we know it is easy to delay or forget about regular check-ups and hygiene appointments, especially when you are in your twenties or thirties and your dental health seems fine.

Unfortunately, dental problems can develop at any age and an infected tooth can be painful and pricey to treat. There is even the risk you could lose the tooth and will be faced with a lifetime of restorative costs. In comparison, preventative dental care is an economical way to care for your teeth.

A Range of Plans to Suit Everyone

Great preventative dental care is highly affordable as we have a range of plans to suit everyone. Our plans can include your check-ups and hygiene appointments so you can come and see us twice-yearly knowing the cost is already covered. If we feel you only need to see us once a year, we have a plan for that too! Another option is to only cover the cost of hygiene appointments. The choice is yours and of course you can always swap plans later. Whichever plan you choose, it will be cheaper than pay-as-you-go.

Get an Affordable Dental Payment Plan For Less Than Your Daily Latte

If you are still on the fence about getting coverage then let’s put things into perspective; the cost is far less than going to Costa or Café Nero each day. Protecting your dental health will probably cost you less each month than your TV and broadband. We also offer a 5% discount when more than one person is covered under the same account. If you do need treatment, you’ll get a 10% discount. It is even better if you have young children as under 5s go free under their parent’s plan.

What Else is Covered With a Dental Payment Plan?

Plans that include check-ups will also cover two x-ray screenings a year, if required. Our dentists will regularly screen you for oral cancer which is a disease that frequently goes undetected until the latter stages. If you love to travel, then don’t forget your dental plan includes worldwide accident and emergency cover. When you visit us, you will receive personalised oral hygiene instructions, dietary advice and regular gum assessments. Everyone here is very approachable and friendly, so questions are definitely encouraged because we want you to know how best to look after your dental health. By sharing our knowledge with you, we hope you can always enjoy a healthy smile.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Getting into the habit of regular professional preventative dental care right now will help your teeth to hopefully last for life. You will also enjoy that peace of mind from knowing you are in control of your dental health. Regular dental check-ups greatly reduce the chances of any nasty surprises in the dental chair as we will be able to closely monitor your dental health. If you do need treatment, it will be quicker and more affordable, especially with your discounts.

Protecting Your General Health

Over the past few years an increasing number of clinical studies have linked poor oral health or specifically advanced gum disease with poor general health, so good dental care is even more important than before. The problem with gum disease is that your teeth can look fine and often there are few, if any symptoms. Your regular check-up will allow our dentists to easily detect these symptoms, which is great because the early stages of gum disease are quick to treat and it is still reversible. Advanced gum disease is a very different matter and it can become chronic, meaning you will frequent dental visits just to keep the disease under control. Advanced gum disease is also the most common reason for tooth loss.

Regular check-ups will help you to maintain healthy teeth. Our hygiene appointments will make your smile sparkle and you will leave with fresh breath. Best of all, with our Dental Health Plans, you won’t need to worry about payment for dental treatment.

Love your smile

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