What Does a Trip to the Dentist Cost in Jersey?

What Does a Trip to the Dentist Cost in Jersey?

Dec 01, 2017

Visiting a dentist in Jersey for regular check-ups and hygiene appointments is far more cost-effective than waiting until dental emergencies develop. It makes far more sense to budget for preventative dental care as part of your regular health care regime. We suggest people visit us regularly for a proper dental examination and a hygiene appointment. Taking this preventative approach allows our dentists to closely monitor any changes to your dental health and to prescribe the most suitable treatment, if required. This does mean that if you do need any treatment it may well be less invasive and less expensive, helping to preserve more of your natural tooth.

For example, imagine if you have a small cavity in the tooth that just requires a simple filling. Using advanced restorative techniques, our dentists can simply treat the cavity by placing a durable and long-lasting filling. Now imagine what would happen if this cavity wasn’t detected in time. Eventually the cavity would get bigger and could affect the nerve of the tooth leading to infection and toothache, by which stage you would quite possibly need emergency dental care and root canal treatment. Afterwards the tooth would need to be restored, probably with a crown, which would invariably cost more. When a tooth is particularly badly infected then we may have no choice but to remove it. We would much rather provide preventive dental care and routine maintenance that helps preserve your dental health and your smile while keeping the dentist cost in Jersey down.

Taking a Closer Look at the Costs of Routine Dental Care

The cost of routine dental care is quite affordable, especially when you consider it may be all that is needed every six months. For example, existing patients only need pay £65 for their routine examinations while a hygiene appointment for an adult will cost between £70 and £140, depending on the length of the appointment and the level of care provided. In contrast, the cost of an emergency appointment starts at £85.50 and the out of hours callout fee is £150. If you aren’t yet a patient here at the Cosmetic Dental Group, your first adult examination costs just £95 and includes x-rays. Prices become even more affordable if you join one of our Dental Health Plans.

Enjoy Affordable Dental Care with Our Dental Health Plan

We want to ensure our patients can enjoy access to regular preventative dental care and additional treatments when needed. To do this, we offer a range of Dental Health Plans and once our dentist in Jersey has assessed your current dental health, they can recommend the most suitable and cost-effective plan for your needs. If you generally have good dental health, you may only need to see our dentist once a year and to visit the hygienist twice yearly. If we feel it is necessary to monitor your dental health more closely, then we may suggest you choose a plan that includes two examinations and either two or four hygiene appointments. You do not need to see a dentist every time you see a hygienist as you are free to book a stand-alone appointment with any of our hygienists whenever you wish. For just a small monthly fee, you gain peace of mind knowing that your routine dentist cost in Jersey is covered.

What Else Does the Plan Include?

Our plans offer a number of additional benefits that include:

  • Oral cancer screenings
  • A comprehensive assessment of your gum health
  • Customised instructions on oral hygiene and dietary advice
  • 10% discount on all private treatment fees and this includes cosmetic dentistry
  • Worldwide dental accident and emergency cover
  • Two clinically necessary dental x-rays each year

If you have children under five then they go free,. Once your child reaches age 5 they receive a reduced fee for the Dental Health Plan that includes fissure sealants and which is applicable until age 17.

What Happens If I Need More Extensive Treatment?

If you need more extensive treatment then we have you covered. Our practice offers a range of payment plans designed to make it easy for you to spread the cost of dental care. We offer interest-free finance over 12 months or if you prefer then you can choose an interest option spread over a longer term. These payment plans can be especially useful if you need unexpected emergency treatment and our Patient Care Coordinators will be happy to explain all the details and all possible choices. We want to make sure our patients can always receive the treatment they need or of course you can always use our interest-free payment schemes to get smile of your dreams.

Protecting Your Health with Regular Dental Care

With regular dental care, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your smile is professionally maintained, helping you to benefit from optimal dental health. In the longer term, your Dental Health Plan represents excellent value and it is a worthwhile investment in your general health. Clinical research has discovered links between poor dental health and poor general health and these are connections no-one can afford to ignore.

For more information about our Dental Health Plans why not have a friendly chat with our Patient Care Coordinators? To simply book an appointment to see one of our hygienists or dentist in Jersey, please contact our practice or you can book online

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