Tips to help you quit for good

Tips to help you quit for good

Oct 21, 2015

It's already 3 weeks into Stoptober. 21 days and counting of giving up and healthier teeth and gums. For those of you that have stuck with it, well done! Cravings may be starting to creep in however so here are some tips to keep it up!

1. Know your triggers...and avoid them! If your morning coffee was when you'd have your first cigarette then what about a different drink to break the association?

2. Get active! When you feel a craving coming on do something physical. A walk or swim will keep you busy and release endorphins to stop the stress.

3. Collect your winnings! Save the amount you would have spent as a visual and monetary reminder of how much better off you are! Plus it doubles as a fund to treat yourself at day 31.

4. Get listening! When you're feeling low and cravings are taking over, stop what you're doing and put a cheesy bit of music on for a lift. It'll bust your stress and make you smile too.

5. Use delay tactics! When the urge strikes, remember that it will go as quickly as it came and will most likely pass within a few minutes. You can and you will get through it!

For more amazing support, take a look at the Stoptober website here: www.nhs.uk/smokefree/stoptober