Our top tips for a brighter, whiter smile

Our top tips for a brighter, whiter smile

Dec 11, 2015

With Christmas fast approaching, the smile experts at The Cosmetic Dental Group offer their tops tips for a brighter, whiter smile just in time for the office party.

1. Visit your Hygienist regularly

Often we see patients with staining that has built up over some time and after a hygiene appointment or two their teeth can get whiter by up to 4 shades!

2. Use an electric toothbrush

Time and time again, dental studies have proven that brushing your teeth with an electric toothbrush is the most efficient way to remove plaque and it also helps keep the build-up of staining at bay.

3. Clean in-between your teeth every day

Those hard to reach in-between areas can be tricky to keep clean but looking after them will make for healthy pink gums that will enhance your smile.

4. Cut down on staining food and drinks

The main culprits for staining are tea, coffee, red wine and smoking, so reducing your intake in the run-up to Christmas could really have an impact.

5. Drink through a straw

When you do drink those staining drinks, supping them through a straw will reduce the contact with your teeth and make for a whiter smile the easy way!