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Making sure you have a kissable smile

Making sure you have a kissable smile

Feb 09, 2016

February is the month for love. Whether you are looking for someone or are happily settled with your significant other, it’s a great time to take an objective look at your smile to make sure it’s always at its most kissable.

Why a Nice Smile Really Does Matter

An attractive smile can be an amazing asset and surveys have shown that most singles, when sizing up potential partners, will be looking closely at their teeth. When you think about it, this is perfectly logical as good teeth are likely to be the result of good hygiene and can be an indication to your overall health. The colour alone can show if you drink or smoke and then there is the question of your breath. No one can deny that bad breath is a complete turn-off, especially as these days better breath is often easily achieved.

The good news is that if your smile is less than lovely, The Cosmetic Dental Group can help you. There are lots of ways to do this, regardless of whether you just need to improve your oral hygiene, or if you are looking to have a full smile makeover. The best way to begin is by booking an appointment with one of our Hygienists as well as an examination and consultation with one of our dentists, all of whom are Full Members of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

How Oral Hygiene Appointment Can Give You Fresh Breath

We thoroughly recommend that all our patients visit one of our Hygienists every six months, as having your teeth professionally cleaned is one of the easiest ways to make a difference to the appearance of your smile. You will find our Hygienists can comfortably remove all hardened calculus from your teeth as this is a substance that can look quite yellow. Its removal will not only brighten up your smile, but will help give you fresh breath and protects your gum health.

During this treatment your teeth are polished which is a great way to add sparkle to your smile. This helps to remove some stains, enabling your teeth to look a little brighter and whiter than before and you will leave our practice with a fresh and very kissable mouth. Our hygiene team are also experts in helping patients improve oral hygiene at home. Do you find it awkward to floss? Ask us to show you how. Removing daily plaque build-up will keep your teeth looking great and will ensure you continue to have fresh breath.

Why Regular Examinations Help Ensure You Have Fresh Breath

The Cosmetic Dental Group also strongly suggests that everyone has a regular examination with one of our Dentists every six months. This is a quick and easy way to find out if you have any dental problems that require treatment, usually before they begin to cause you unpleasant symptoms. Issues such as untreated tooth decay or gum disease can all cause bad breath and getting treatment will help preserve your teeth and your gums while giving you better breath. At the same time, this appointment is also a chance to find out how cosmetic dentistry might help you. One treatment you may want to consider is professional teeth whitening.

Tooth Whitening Is an Easy Way to Get That Whiter Smile

If you need a whiter smile in a hurry then the easiest way to achieve it is through Professional Zoom® Tooth Whitening. We use the very latest Zoom whitening system as quite simply this is one of the most effective on the market. Our dentists take extensive care to ensure every whitening treatment is completely safe and comfortable, and each treatment is fully customised to reduce any possible side effects such as tooth sensitivity. By whitening in our comfortable dental practice, you could have a brighter smile in just an hour, during which time you can simply watch TV and relax or even have a quick snooze.

Our professional home whitening kits enable you to continue the process at home and you will receive one of these kits as part of your whitening treatment in our dental clinic. If you prefer, you can opt to just whiten at home with one of our kits which will contain custom-made whitening trays and a safe, easy-to-use whitening gel. Once your whitening treatment is complete, we can give you lots of advice and information on making the results last as long as possible. Eventually your teeth will begin to darken but often making a few simple lifestyle changes can prolong the effects before you need a top up treatment.

What about Having a More Comprehensive Smile Makeover?

If you are interested in having a more comprehensive smile makeover then we have lots of options to tempt you. Our professional treatments include the very latest orthodontics, including comprehensive Orthopaedic Orthodontics and cosmetic braces that can produce great results within just a few weeks or months. These can be perfect for correcting minor issues with tooth alignment. Our sophisticated dental implants can replace any missing teeth and are an excellent and long-lasting solution. Porcelain veneers can help create that perfect smile, covering up teeth that may be discoloured or oddly shaped and closing or minimising any unsightly gaps in between your teeth. These days we can achieve amazing things and The Cosmetic Dental Group only uses top quality products and the very best dental laboratories will make any restorations you may require.

A Smile Designed Just for You

We recognise that everybody smile is completely unique and this is taken into account whenever we design a smile makeover. After talking with you to discover how you’d like to change the appearance of your teeth, we can begin to formulate your personalised smile design that will help you achieve these aims. Quite often we may suggest using a combination of treatments and if this is the case then it will be because it is a more conservative treatment plan. While we want you to have a lovely smile, we also want to make sure that we preserve and protect your natural teeth as your dental health is always our top priority. We take enormous care in ensuring every treatment and restoration recommended in your smile design plan will compliment your facial features, your skin tone and even your personality. While you might not have the results in time for this Valentine’s Day, the final result should be a very kissable mouth and a long-lasting and beautiful smile.