Let Our Relaxation Services Calm Your Dental Fears

Let Our Relaxation Services Calm Your Dental Fears

Apr 13, 2016

Do you feel at all anxious or nervous at the thought of visiting a dentist? This sensation is quite common but our relaxation services can help ensure your dental experience is calm, comfortable and as pleasant as possible.

Experience the difference as soon as you contact our dental practice and talk to our friendly and caring dental team. You will find there is a lot we can do to help you on your dental journey towards enjoying better oral health. Whatever your fears or anxieties, you can rest assured that we will not judge you in any way. We are proud to have already helped many people overcome their dental fears and now they are able to attend regular check-ups knowing that we place a high priority on their comfort.

Ask about Our Free Non-clinical Consultation

There are a number of ways we can help you and one is by simply talking to you during a non-clinical consultation so we can better understand the reason for your fears. This can be extremely useful as understanding the cause of your dental anxiety allows us to fully customise your dental care. You can rest assured that we will do everything possible to make treatment as stress-free as possible. Your consultation is also a great opportunity for you to visit our practice and to begin getting to know us. Just let us know how you feel by telling us that you are a Terribly Nervous Patient (TNP) when you first contact us so we can arrange this consultation for you. This is free and does not place you under any obligation to commit to seeing a dentist at our practice.

Experience Caring Gentle Dental Care at Your Pace

Here at The Cosmetic Dental Group you will find our nursing team is very experienced with many nervous patients. Our dental practice has been designed with your comfort in mind, to help provide a calm and relaxing atmosphere and our dental team has a great deal of expertise in helping nervous patients. Every visit will be carefully designed for your bespoke needs and treatment is carried out at your pace. All you need to do to stop a procedure at any time is to raise your hand and we promise to stop until you feel comfortable for treatment to continue, even during a straightforward check-up. Just knowing you are always in control can be very comforting.

We Aim to Provide a Positive Experience at Every Visit

Our aim is to ensure that you enjoy a positive experience every time so we can build a relationship with you that will be based on trust and mutual respect. Over time, we hope these continued positive experiences will help you overcome your fears, so you no longer feel anxious or scared at the thought of having to see a dentist. There is another benefit in having regular dental care, as we are much less likely to recommend extensive treatment because any small problems can be picked up at a stage when they are quickly and easily treated. You will also be less likely to experience an emergency such as toothache. Yet another side effect of having good oral health is the impact it can have on your general health as the two are very closely linked, and of course a nice smile always provides a lovely boost to self-esteem and self-confidence.

Learn More about Our Relaxation Services

We realise that more nervous patients require a little extra help which is where our relaxation services can be particularly useful. You may wish to consider Hypnorelaxation which is a service provided by Jon Sproson. This form of hypnotherapy is very gentle and can be ideal for people who do not wish to have additional sedation to help them cope with their fears. With Hypnorelaxation there is always a chaperone present and contrary to popular belief, it isn’t possible to hypnotise someone who doesn’t wish to be, as this treatment is simply a way to help you feel deeply relaxed. Hypnorelaxation can be enormously successful, but we also offer additional sedation for people who would prefer this option.

Additional sedation is provided by Jeremy Willetts and our experienced nursing team who have all received specialist training in these techniques. They regularly attend continuing education on this subject to ensure your safety and comfort during treatment. One treatment where additional sedation is frequently used is during the placement of dental implants.

With additional sedation you will still remain conscious but are likely to feel extremely sleepy. We can still communicate with you during the procedure, but afterwards you may find you remember little, if anything about your appointment. The sedative is administered through a pain-free injection and you will be continually monitored at all times during treatment. We take every possible precaution to keep patients safe and you will be carefully assessed for your suitability prior to treatment as your comfort and safety is always our top priority. With additional sedation, you will need someone to take you home once treatment is completed and you will want to take it easy for the rest of the day.

Let Us Restore Your Smile

Whether it is only been a matter of months or several decades since you visited a dentist, we can help you and will work with you at your pace to restore your dental health and your smile. We truly care about everyone who visits us here at The Cosmetic Dental Group and nothing gives us more pleasure than to help someone overcome their dental fears and anxieties. There is no need to put up with broken down or painful teeth as our dedicated nursing team can help you have a smile you will be proud to show others. By using our relaxation services, no treatment is out of reach and with gentle dental care we hope to help you on your dental journey so you can have the smile you truly desire. Just make sure you let us know about your anxieties and we promise to take care of you every step of the way.

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