Five Factors That Influence What Dental Implants Cost in Jersey

Five Factors That Influence What Dental Implants Cost in Jersey

Nov 21, 2019

Tooth loss is a common problem faced by many people. It can occur due to trauma or disease and is upsetting no matter your age. Losing teeth can negatively impact self-esteem and self-confidence and it can make simple, everyday tasks such as eating comfortably and even talking and socialising with others difficult or embarrassing. Conventional treatments such as full or partial dentures can quickly become unsatisfactory because the jawbone changes shape after tooth loss affecting the fit and stability of dentures. Fixed bridges often require perfectly healthy teeth to be substantially reshaped.

Luckily, here at the Cosmetic Dental Group, we can provide you with a better long-term solution as our in-house Implantologist Jeremy Willetts can provide the most appropriate dental implant treatment for your needs.

We have 20 years of experience in restoring patients smiles with dental implants. To celebrate, we have a fantastic offer for a limited period: book a free assessment (usually costing £165) PLUS pay only £1750 per dental implant fully restored! (Saving of £845 per implant.)

Why Choose Dental Implants?

Dental implants can comfortably replace missing teeth and we take a lot of care to ensure your new smile looks wonderful and is fully functional. With dental implants, you can look forward to confidently eating, talking and smiling, restoring your self-esteem. Treatment is extremely versatile as we can fit implants to replace single missing teeth or multiple missing teeth. It is even possible to replace complete arches of teeth with a fixed bridge or with an implant-supported denture.

One important thing to bear in mind about this treatment is its protective effect on your dental health. Dental implants are self-supporting, preventing remaining natural teeth from shifting position while sharing the loads created during chewing and biting. The implant post provides a protective effect on your jawbone, preventing further bone loss that naturally occurs after teeth are removed. This bone loss is the reason why dentures often begin to fit less securely after just a short while as the jawbone gradually changes shape.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a sophisticated way of artificially replacing a real tooth, including the tooth root using a small titanium alloy post that is inserted into the jawbone during a short surgical procedure. These implant posts are specially designed to encourage new bone growth on and around them so they become firmly fused in the jawbone and will provide extremely strong and stable support for the new implant tooth. This process is called osseointegration and it generally takes 3 to 6 months for a dental implant to completely bond with the surrounding bone. After this time, the implant post can be fully restored with an implant crown, bridge or denture, depending on the number of implants placed and the treatment selected by your dentist in Jersey.

There is no need to worry that you will be left without teeth during the healing process as we can provide a temporary prosthesis to be used while the implant bonds with your jawbone.

What Technology Is Involved with Dental Implants?

The technology used to plan and place dental implants is extremely advanced and is backed by years of clinical research. Dental implants have been used for decades and during this time the treatment process has evolved to become more sophisticated and more successful.

Nowadays the techniques used to plan and place dental implants help ensure that the surgery required is shorter and more comfortable than ever before. This is due to the use of computerised technology allowing surgery to be accurately planned behind-the-scenes so each dental implant is inserted into precisely the right position, providing optimal results.

Why Choose the Cosmetic Dental Group for Your Dental Implants?

The Cosmetic Dental Group is extremely experienced in placing dental implants. Our Implantologist, Jeremy Willetts will carefully assess your suitability for treatment, carrying out advanced diagnostic tests to assess your dental health and the quality of your jawbone. His experience allows him to select the most suitable treatment using the right type of dental implants as there are many different systems and components on the market.

We only use the highest quality components because we want you to enjoy the very best results for longer. If you are a little nervous about the thought of dental implant treatment then we can provide dental sedation and this can be factored into your dental implants cost during your initial consultation. Jeremy Willetts and our nursing team have received specialised training in Twilight Sedation and will ensure you can comfortably receive your dental implants without any fears or anxieties.

As experienced cosmetic dentists, we also take enormous care when designing your implant crown, bridge or denture.

Every detail of your treatment is carefully planned to ensure you receive teeth that look fantastic, providing just the right support for your cheeks and lips and which will allow you to bite and chew comfortably.

How Much Will My Dental Implants Cost?

After fully assessing your dental health, our dentist in Jersey can provide you with a complete treatment plan detailing all procedures required. This will include any additional procedures such as bone grafts and dental sedation so you will know exactly what is involved. While dental implant treatment may be a little more expensive initially, it’s worthwhile bearing in mind the long-term advantages of this treatment, especially on your dental health.

In the longer term, dental implants can be highly cost-effective due to the potential longevity of this procedure. The positive effect on your sense of well-being shouldn’t be overlooked either!

To make things as simple as possible for our patients, we offer interest-free finance over 12 months or if you prefer we can offer an interest option over a longer term. Our Patient Coordinators can discuss all possible options with you.

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