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Everything You Need to Know about Smile Makeovers in Jersey

Everything You Need to Know about Smile Makeovers in Jersey

May 22, 2017

Are you completely confident that your teeth look their best? Do you feel self-conscious about your smile when meeting new people? Being unable to smile and talk freely with others due to concerns about the appearance of your teeth can limit your ability to achieve the most out of life.

You may already have found it affects you both professionally and personally. A discoloured and imperfect smile can be prematurely ageing. Perhaps you have already tried to improve the appearance of your teeth but have been left frustrated with the results. There is a solution, as with great smile design, you can have teeth that you know look good, yet natural, giving you the confidence to smile and talk with anyone.

How Could a Smile Makeover Help Me?

A smile makeover is a sophisticated treatment that will improve the appearance of your smile and which will repair any damaged teeth or will replace any that are missing. Possible treatments include teeth whitening, veneers, crowns and bridges, dental implants and adult orthodontics. While some treatments will provide purely cosmetic benefits, others can help to protect your dental health. We have some great case studies on our website, showing how patients have benefitted from particular treatments.

Bespoke Smile Makeovers in Jersey

Our dental team has the technical experience needed for a great smile makeover so you can be confident in our skills. We only use the very best materials and techniques for longer-lasting results, but we also take a great deal of care in custom-designing each smile makeover. After all, your smile is unique and we want to ensure it reflects your personality and that it looks naturally attractive.

When you visit us for your complimentary chat, our dentists will take the time to listen to your concerns and will ask questions to better understand your vision for your smile. It is only by understanding you that we can provide a personalised treatment plan that will help you achieve your dream in the most effective way. Every possible treatment will be explained, including how it will help to improve the appearance of your teeth and the time needed to complete it. Our aim is to ensure you have all the information you need to take control of your dental care and to make the right decisions for you.

How Much Will Treatment Cost?

Your bespoke treatment plan will have a complete breakdown of the costs and we can design a plan that will work within your budget. Using a combination of treatments allows us to achieve excellent results while preserving healthy teeth. This approach tends to be more cost-effective and will provide you with an attractive and healthy smile. Although we want your teeth to look great, our focus is on providing treatment that will help to protect your dental health. For example, if your teeth are misaligned but otherwise quite nicely shaped, using adult orthodontics could be a better option than choosing multiple veneers and ultimately the results will last longer.

Can I Preview My New Smile?

The ability to preview your new smile is very important, especially if you intend to make substantial changes to the appearance of your teeth. We can provide a preview of your new smile through using a cosmetic wax-up. This is a model of your teeth that has been adapted with tooth coloured wax to show how each tooth will look once treatment is completed. With a cosmetic wax-up, you will be able to request changes to its appearance until you are completely satisfied with the final results. The wax-up is then used as a template when designing your new restorations. It is an excellent way to get the results you desire, so you will know exactly how treatments will benefit the appearance of your teeth.

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