Did You Know You Can Now See Your Hygienist in Jersey Directly?

Did You Know You Can Now See Your Hygienist in Jersey Directly?

Oct 03, 2017

In the past, you had to see a dentist at the same time as seeing a hygienist in Jersey but thankfully now the General Dental Council has recognised the high standard of care provided by dental hygienists and therapists. This means you can now book an appointment to see our excellent dental hygienists or our dental therapists without the need to book a dentist appointment at the same time. Direct Access has only been available since last year and we know many of our patients may not yet be aware of these changes to the law.

Direct Access and What It Means for You

Certain treatments will still need a prescription from a dentist, for example teeth whitening, but there are many tasks that can be undertaken by our hygiene team. As you might expect, our dental hygienists can provide a complete range of dental hygiene care, including dental cleaning, evaluating a patient’s medical history, carrying out a clinical examination and doing a complete assessment of the gums and surrounding tissues, known as a periodontal examination.

Receive Excellent Care to Keep Your Gums in Great Health

A periodontal examination is a detailed examination of your gums and is used to screen for and to monitor gum or periodontal disease. Our hygienists in Jersey can diagnose gum disease and will provide you with a suitable treatment plan or when required will liaise closely with our dentists to ensure you receive the best possible treatment. A regular scale and polish, dental cleaning that helps reduce stains and plaque, is an important part of everyone’s preventative dental care plan and can be provided by our hygiene team without the need to see your dentist beforehand. Our hygienists can carry out more extensive cleanings, for example a treatment called periotherapy which is used to treat advanced gum disease.

Helping You to Take Care of Your Dental Implants

Dental implants are a fantastic treatment and our hygienists will help you look after them. Dental implants aren’t difficult to care for, but, just like your teeth, they must be kept thoroughly clean in order to maintain good oral health. Our hygienists can work with you to make sure you know how to look after your dental implants and regular hygiene treatments will help maintain the gum tissues around your implants.

Get Excellent Advice on Dental Care and How to Stop Smoking

Our hygienists are the people to see if you’d like expert dental education on how to brush and floss more effectively. If you’ve been using the same techniques you learned as a child then your knowledge may well benefit from being refreshed. We know flossing is a particular issue for lots of people even though it’s essential if you want healthy gums. Ask our hygienists for advice on how to floss properly or we can show you different tools to use. You might be amazed at how easy it can be to clean between your teeth properly. Want advice on how to stop smoking? We have lots of great tips and can offer support.

When You Still Need to See a Dentist

You will still need to see one of our dentists for a full dental examination. Our hygienists cannot carry out any treatments to restore teeth such as placing dental fillings or carrying out root canal therapy. You will also need see a dentist if you need tooth extractions or any adjustments to your teeth. However, Tammy and Tiffany, our dental therapists can carry out baby tooth extractions and they are both great at treating children.

Looking after Your Dental Health No Matter Your Age

If you are already a patient here at Cosmetic Dental Group then you will know we are all extremely friendly and are a family-oriented practice. As such, we provide a high standard of dental care for all ages, beginning with a baby’s first visit and including expert care for older people. What you might not realise is that your oral hygiene requirements are continually changing throughout your life. When you come to see us for dental hygiene in Jersey then this will be factored into your treatment plan.

Our dental hygienists love seeing children and it is recommended that most children have a hygiene appointment every six months. If your child wears braces, they will benefit from more frequent appointments to keep their teeth and gums in great shape during treatment. Our hygienists can apply fissure sealants to newly erupted adult back teeth and this is a painless and quick treatment that protects these teeth against tooth decay. Oral hygiene at home is vitally important and our hygienists work with children and their parents, demonstrating the easiest and most effective ways to brush and floss.

During adulthood dental health can change, particularly for women due to hormone fluctuations that take place during puberty, pregnancy and during the menopause. As we get older, many of us will need to take medications that can also affect dental health. Removable appliances placed in the mouth such as dentures and advanced treatments that include dental implants all require good dental care. You’ll find our hygiene team can help by showing you the most effective way to look after your dental health at home. By carefully assessing your medical history, our hygiene team can prescribe the most effective treatments to help you enjoy good dental health and a happy smile, no matter your age.

Enjoy Easy Access to Excellent Dental Hygiene in Jersey

Our hygienists, Katie, Tammy and Tiffany are very well qualified and easy to chat to about your oral health. They can provide a great range of treatments to help you maintain great dental health. All of our hygienists liaise closely with our dentists so if they do think you need additional dental care from another dental professional, then they will refer you.

To see a hygienist in Jersey, why not get in touch with us today? If it is more convenient you can always book online.

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