Could smiling be the key to success?

Could smiling be the key to success?

Aug 03, 2015

It’s no scientific breakthrough to say that smiling feels good and we’re drawn to smiley people, but there’s more to smiling than you might realise. With links to longer life expectancy, wellbeing and marriage longevity, smiling really could be the secret super power you never realised you had! What if you are too self-conscious to smile though? The Cosmetic Dental Group investigate.

The Feel Good Factor

It was Charles Darwin who first hypothesised that smiling is one of the only truly universal communication tools. From tribesman in Papua New Guinea to our very own islanders, when we see someone smile we understand the feelings conveyed (Don Gutman, TED2011).

The team at the Cosmetic Dental Group believe the key part of their job is helping you achieve your happiest, most confident smile. The science behind this aim is clear; ‘[Y]our smile is the gatekeeper to how [you] are feeling about…life’ according to the National Smile Month website, and if you feel unable to express your true happiness through fear of showing a smile you are ashamed of, people may find you unapproachable.

Formula for a Longer Life

A US University study in 2010 examined professional Baseball player trading cards, specifically the player’s smile span which they discovered was an indicator of their life expectancy. Those with the shortest had a life expectancy of 72.9 years, the longest at almost 80 years (Don Gutman, TED2011).

That’s not to mention that smiling can also make you more attractive to others. Another US university study concluded that when you smile you not only appear ‘more likeable’ and ‘courteous’ but ‘more competent’ too (Don Gutman, TED2011).

Your Best Smile

Now that you know the science behind your smile, what can you do if you feel unhappy with your smile’s appearance? Scheduling a dental appointment is the first step on the road to experiencing the true benefits your smile can bring.

The Cosmetic Dental Group dedicate time to discussing your concerns, how you would like to look and then propose a treatment pathway to achieve this. From subtle tooth contouring to close unsightly gaps, whitening to brighten the shade or full smile makeovers, Jeremy, Jon and Jonathan are sympathetic to your bespoke needs. As full members of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry the team are able to use their wealth of skills to help you achieve a smile that you’ll be sure to love and illustrate how attractive, competent and healthy you are! Now that’s definitely something to smile about.