Children’s Dentistry and School Holidays

Children’s Dentistry and School Holidays

Jun 15, 2016

The Cosmetic Dental Group is definitely a child-friendly dental practice and our dedicated team love seeing children and getting to know them and their families. We go out of our way to ensure dental examinations are as much fun as possible and children receive their very own goody bags just for coming to see us. We strongly suggest parents book their child’s first appointment as soon as they get their first tooth or by age two.

What to Expect during Your Child’s First Appointment at The Cosmetic Dental Group

We are extremely gentle when treating children and do everything we can to help them feel comfortable and relaxed. Your child’s very first appointment is simply a chance for us to check their teeth and jaws are developing correctly and to chat to you about their dental care at home. Our dental hygienists are wonderful at explaining the best and easiest techniques for cleaning a young child’s mouth in a way that will be as stress-free as possible for you both.

Once they have had their initial evaluation with our dentist, we will need to see them approximately every six months for check-ups and hygiene appointments. These appointments are an opportunity for us to carefully assess their dental health and to monitor any changes. If necessary we can then provide treatment, hopefully well before they have any symptoms of discomfort or pain. By bringing them to see us early on, we can get your child started on a preventative dental care plan.

Why We Love Regular Preventative Dental Care

We would much rather prevent problems from developing and aim to keep your child’s teeth and gums healthy and strong well into adulthood. It is vital to look after their milk or primary teeth as tooth decay is painful at any age. These first teeth help children to learn to talk clearly and allow them to eat a nutritious diet, helping overall development. If milk teeth are lost too soon, it can affect the development of their adult teeth.

If your child hasn’t been to see a dentist for a bit, then it is not too late and good hygiene habits start now! We are especially gentle with children who are anxious or nervous about dental care, so please just let us know so we can plan their visit accordingly. We can help them overcome these feelings so they are able to receive regular dental care without experiencing fear.

Early Orthodontic Evaluations

We will keep an eye on the development of their teeth and jaws and if required will recommend an orthodontic evaluation. This can take place as early as age six or seven, as sometimes early treatment can help correct orthodontic problems or will prevent them in the future. An orthodontic evaluation does not necessarily mean they need treatment right away, but it will allow us to plan any future treatments for an optimal time and when we can take maximum advantage of jaw growth and development.

Personalised Oral Hygiene Instructions and Dietary Advice

Oral hygiene instructions and dietary advice can also be discussed during regular examinations. As your child gets older, we can work with them directly to teach them the best way to brush and floss. Your child’s diet is tremendously important to their dental health but is an area that is often overlooked. Unfortunately many foods marketed as being healthy may not be tooth-friendly, with granola bars and fresh fruit juice being two good examples as both can have very high levels of sugar. Even making a few simple tweaks to your child’s diet, or altering when they eat certain foods can make a real difference so please do ask us for advice.

Take Advantage of the School Holidays to Book Dental Appointments

The school holidays are a great time to make sure your child is up-to-date with their dental examinations and hygiene appointments. This may be particularly important if they have been complaining about tooth sensitivity or discomfort and especially if you are about to go away on holiday. Getting treatment now could help avoid a dental emergency while away from home. The school holidays are also a time when normal routines can go out of the window and that includes brushing and flossing. If you can, try to make sure this doesn’t happen, especially as children may eat more sugary snacks and ice-creams during the holidays.

Orthodontics for the New Term

The school holidays can be a good opportunity to begin orthodontics for the new term. We can fit and adjust braces without interrupting the new school year. Your child will have plenty of time to become accustomed to wearing their braces and to get used to cleaning around them while still on holiday. When the new term starts, many of their friends will have already have seen their braces, reducing any possible embarrassment when they have to go back to school.

Is Your Child Keen on Sports? Ask Us about Custom Mouthguards

If your child is about to start secondary school and is keen on sports, particularly contact sports, please ask us about custom mouthguards. A custom mouthguard will offer maximum protection for their teeth and gums, potentially avoiding dental injuries to their permanent teeth that could require ongoing treatment for life.

Why Choose a Custom-Made Mouthguard?

You might have seen those over-the-counter mouthguards that only cost a few pounds, but these offer very little, if any protection. They can be highly uncomfortable to wear and are much more likely to remain in your child’s sports bag rather than in their mouth. Our mouthguards are custom-designed to offer the highest level of protection. They are comfortable to wear and will not obstruct breathing. We use the best quality materials that are strong, odour-free and which do not taste of anything. To make wearing it more fun, we can make your child’s mouthguard in a variety of different colours and designs so they can customise their choice. We will also check the fit of their mouthguard at every visit, to make sure it is still doing its job.

Whatever your child’s age or dental needs, we are here to help, so please call The Cosmetic Dental Group to book an appointment on 01534 731680

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