Are you dreaming of a white smile this Christmas?

Are you dreaming of a white smile this Christmas?

Nov 21, 2019

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Cosmetic Dental Group Can Make Your Teeth Whiter By Christmas

White smiles are no longer the privilege of the rich and famous. Teeth whitening is an achievable and affordable cosmetic treatment that anyone can have access to – including you.

So why not give yourself a gift this Christmas and treat yourself to a whiter, youthful smile? At Cosmetic Dental Group, we offer the choice between home kits and in-surgery whitening. May all your teeth be white!

Why do teeth turn yellow?

It’s completely natural for teeth to darken over time – it happens with age. The enamel gradually wears away, revealing the darker dentin underneath. Our diet and livelihoods also have direct impact on our teeth, which is no surprise. Food and drink with high concentrates of pigment are the chief offender of staining teeth. You may want to be wary of overindulging in mulled wine this Christmas as red wine is notorious for staining, as well as tea, coffee and blackcurrant. Smoking also contributes heavily towards yellowing teeth.

Stains on the enamel, if not removed, eventually make their way to the dentin underneath. Only safe bleaching agents can actively remove stains from the dentin. Whitening toothpaste only lifts off surface stains, which can make a slight difference but won’t make a huge impact on your tooth colour. Only professional teeth whitening can fully lighten the enamel and dentin.

How does tooth whitening work?

Tooth whitening agents either use hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide as their active ingredient. The bleaching agent breaks down the staining compounds, releasing oxygen in the process. It’s a perfectly safe chemical reaction and can be repeated until you have your desired shade.

Enjoy an immediate white smile with Philips Zoom!

We are huge fans of this whitening system. Philips Zoom! promises the very best result from arguably any whitening treatment available on the market.

In-practice teeth whitening

Get instant results during one sitting. In only two hours, we can brighten your teeth to up to six shades lighter. This type of whitening is often called power whitening or laser whitening.

During the treatment, we first cover the gums with a protective coating. We then apply a whitening gel to the teeth. The whitening light activates the active ingredient in the gel, lightening the shade of your teeth. We recommend you bring some music to listen to or even bring along your favourite film to watch on the TV in the surgery (Christmas films are compulsory in December).

We offer home whitening in addition in in-surgery whitening. We create custom-made mouth trays that you use at home to whiten your teeth over a course of two to three weeks. We’ll supply whitening gel and show how to use your trays when at home.

We can see you regularly too to check on the progress and address any concerns you have. It normally takes around two to three weeks to see your new tooth shade.

While it is possible to buy whitening trays online and over-the-counter, you get far better results from a custom-made mouth tray. We use impressions to get accurate measurements of your teeth which are then used to create your mouth trays. A perfect fit makes sure that the whitening gel is evenly spread across the surface of your teeth. And they are a lot more comfortable too!

Why not both?

The best type of whitening treatment is a combination of in-surgery whitening and home kits. The benefit of having a home whitening kit is how you can keep topping up at home. Whitened teeth are still prone to staining and will fade back over time.

The best gifts are the ones that keep giving, which is why we suggest having home kits to keep your teeth at your desired shade.

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