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Sabrina McCool

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Sabrina McCool

Finance & Operations Coordinator

At the practice I coordinate the financial operations, budgets and I am responsible for the day to day running of the purse which makes me very popular at Christmas when we’re arranging our annual Christmas party!  Myself and Katie Manage the day to day running of the Practice.

CDG Start Date: 26th March 2012. I remember the date because it’s my Mum’s birthday! I came to the practice as a patient of Jon’s and we got to chatting about what I do, my book-keeping skills and the practice were looking for someone at that time and as they say, the rest is history!

Secondary School: Grainville and Highlands. I went back to study at Highlands two years after I left school to undertake my bookkeeping course.

Qualifications: IAB- International Association of Bookkeepers qualification.

Lived off-island? If so where? No I’m a local girl and I love living in Jersey. I honestly think it’s the perfect place to bring up a family.

Partner/children: My Fiancé runs a local business and I have two children; Tia who is 13 and in her 2nd year of Secondary School and Ben who is 10 and about to start his last year in Primary. Me and my Fiancé are due to be married in Sark on 30th September this year!! We also have 2 2.5 years old sister and brother Cats Salam (Sabrina the Teenage Witch) and Garfield who lives up to his name! We have a collection of interesting tropical fish in 3 aquariums including self-reproducing crayfish and at Christmas we added to the zoo a Working Cocker Spaniel Pepsi.

Have you had any dental treatment at the practice? If so, what? Yes I’ve had teeth whitening and 2 crowns placed to repair 2 chipped teeth. 

My Daughter Tia has recently just completed an extensive Orthopaedic Orthodontic treatment with Jonathan at the practice she had quite a complicated case and I’m really amazed at the difference he has made not only to her smile but to the function of her bite.

Ben is mid-way through his treatment with Jonathan and he also has complex bite issues and I’m very excited to see the end results and feel reassured that Jonathan will be taking care of him.

Favourite thing about working at CDG: The team at the practice, we are like a little family. Everyone is professional but has fun and we all work well together driving the business forward.

Dental goals for the year: I’d just like to maintain my dental health with flossing and brushing. Professionally, I find that I learn something more about dentistry every day and after Five and a half years it still amazes me when the boys talk about the treatment they’ve achieved.

Favourite band: I really love Coldplay. Their first album ‘Parachutes’ stands out as one of my favourites. I am completely open with music though and listen to anything. I’m regularly overheard singing along to radio jingles in the office!!

Interesting hobby: I’m an outdoors person, if were not on the boat fishing or taking regular trips to Sark and Guernsey, you’ll find me in the woods or the beach exploring our beautiful island, I love long walks and have done the ITEX twice.

I spend a lot of time star-gazing too and the girls can count on me to tell them when all the best meteor showers are.

Strictly or The X Factor? Neither! I used to be an avid fan of the X Factor, but don’t seem to have time to watch TV these days. The reality TV craze has killed TV for me, I like a good true crime or documentary.

Perfect job? I’d love to be a Forensic Financial Investigator. I genuinely enjoy finding anomalies and love getting to the ‘nitty gritty’, questioning systems and findings errors. This is one reason why I enjoy my job, as I can make sure everything is well-managed.

Favourite Parish: I live in St Saviour and cant say I have a fav parish were so lucky to live on an island offering beauty all around us I’m deff more of an eastie then a westie thou just because I spend the majority of my time on the coast of St Clements, St Catharine’s wood’s etc?

Desert Island Essential: My children and partner- they’d keep me entertained and stop me going insane! But I do wonder why no one answers a boat!

Sweet or savoury? Savoury! I love cheese.

What’s your bedtime? It depends. Since the clocks have changed it’s been 9 o’clock! Usually between 10 and 12pm though, depending on the day I’ve had and whether the kids’ lunches have been done early enough. I was packing swimming kit at 11 o’clock last night! Ever broken a bone? No but I have a few cool scars from tree-climbing, roller blading as a kid. I was never particularly girly and always willing to give anything a go, my poor mum was always running me down to A&E to stich me up I’m shocked I never broke a bone!

Favourite film? I love a variety of films genres- romance, horror, action…‘The Impossible' is one that kept me on the edge of my seat with a box of tissues!

Perfect Holiday: Camper Van and an open road, me and my Fiancé hired a luxury motor home to explore Scotland’s stunning scenery, 11 days no agenda, great company and lots of places to visit and explore. We travelled the coast to Isle of Sky and all the way to Jon O Groats’ Amazing!

What word would people use to describe you? I cant sum myself up with just 1 word, Id say I’m a positive fun person with a very direct no messing personality!

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  • 'It’s not a case of not affording to go, you just can't afford not to go. They make going to the dentist pleasurable.'

  • 'CDG comes highly recommended, the entire team are professional, friendly and know their stuff. Well worth a visit.'

  • I could not recommend the Cosmetic Dental Group enough! They have been fantastic 👌 I was very nervous at first due to a previous experience, however, Caroline and the team have been fantastic and made this process a lot easier than I ever thought it would be. I don’t think I showed just how happy I was with my teeth when I left each time as in honesty I had never known what good looks like. However the amount others have noticed and said how good they look is a complement to the great job they have done and now I do know what good looks like! It has helped others I know to sign up to sort their teeth and I will continue my treatment with the plan going forward having seen the benefits and taken in the advice I have been given.

  • 'I am extremely pleased with the speed and quality of the work I have had from Jonathan Wood- a complete transformation with no pain at all.'

  • 'The Dental Health Plan at the practice has also been really good for me as it’s a great way of having your regular appointments paid for so you don’t have to think about it. You pay for the plan monthly, which is very reasonable and obviously for that you are getting your two examinations and two hygiene visits.'

  • 'Katie is always punctual, well turned out, she greets you with an amazing smile and makes you feel so at ease. She is so professional and courteous and clearly is incredibly knowledgeable about all areas of dental hygiene. She is very thorough yet efficient at the same time.'

  • 'Having a lovely white smile projects a really healthy, attractive image that creates a positive response from everyone. I am really thrilled with the results and will be more than happy to recommend The Cosmetic Dental Group to my friends and clients. They have a really good reputation so I know they will be in good hands.'

  • 'The staff there are fabulous and worked hard to accommodate my desire to get my teeth finished before going on holiday. I would definitely recommend this practice, as I now feel confident in my smile! Thank you for being so brilliant, friendly and accommodating.'

  • Meeting and being treated by Jonathan Wood changed my life. Jonathan was recommended to me by a friend who told me that she was sure he could help me. Over the years I had investigated having my bite corrected and was told the same thing again and again. My bite was difficult to fix. One dentist told me that teeth would need to be removed and even then, he could not guarantee that the treatment would be successful stating that it was highly probable the teeth and jaw would shift back to their original starting point. There was no jaw surgery or extraction of teeth. Eighteen months later the braces came off and I felt like a new person both physically and emotionally. I'm not sure you can put a price on what I have gained. I will be eternally grateful to Jonathan, his wonderful assistants, and the friendly, warm team at the Cosmetic Dental Group.

  • 'If I were to sum up the practice I would say patient-focused, outstanding in its’ field and one which just gets it right.'

  • 'Just a short note of thanks for dealing personally with my problem. I felt so much better within a day and want you to know that I do appreciate the time taken and 'gentle' approach.'

  • 'All the staff at The Cosmetic Dental Group are very friendly and professional. The dental work I needed has been completed by Dr Willetts, and I am very pleased with the result. The cost was a lot less than I had originally been quoted, and no need for a visiting Consultant as Dr Willetts had the necessary expertise.'

  • 'Having undergone quite major dentistry over the past year, I can highly recommend The Cosmetic Dental Group.'

  • 'I’d just like to say how much I enjoy knowing I’m coming to the practice because when I come, I’m received right royally really. It’s a case of ‘how are you’ and a smile, the girls take my coat and it’s just so lovely. When you visit everybody is so responsive and wanting you to enjoy your session.'

  • 'I've had such a great experience. Everything was explained to me clearly and in a way I would understand. I feel as though I have had much more for my money and time compared to other dentists I have been to.'

  • 'As my dental appointment approached I was awash with trepidation. I needn’t have worried as the wonderful, welcoming staff and practitioners made my visit a dental delight! My dreaded visit turned out to be positive, painless and palatable! So much so, I’m paying them another visit in 6 months time.'

  • 'I feel like my teeth are 100% better than they were before. I am very pleased. It’s like a weight off my mind. I didn’t know how conscious I was and so now having had the treatment, it has given me that little bit more confidence to smile freely without thinking of my teeth.'

  • 'The Cosmetic Dental Group are an absolute gem! Always friendly and helpful, the surgery is a pleasure to attend.'

  • 'Two words but packed with more gratitude than you will ever know….thank you.'

  • 'I now have a smile that people comment on all the time and am more than happy with all the treatment I received. I would recommend the practice to anyone.'

  • 'All of the staff are really kind and friendly and in particular, I must thank Jonathan Wood for all the time and hard work he has put in to my teeth. I am very glad that I came here and would definitely recommend it to others.'

  • 'Straight teeth, better pronunciation, and a fuller lip. Jonathan explained everything as we went along, and the before and after photos were gob smacking - what a difference!'