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Stefano Thomaidis

Clinical Director, Partner

GDC Number: 82825


BDS, MSc Implant Dent

Lived Off-Island? If So Where?

New York, Athens, and Yorkshire.



Have You Had Any Dental Treatment At The Practice? If So, What?

Yes, onlays.

Favourite Thing About Working At Cdg?

Without a doubt the people.

Do You Have Any Dental Goals For The Year?

Introduce more 3D high tech toys.

Perfect Job?


Favourite Parish?

St Helier.

Favourite Band?

Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

Favourite Film?

Perfect Sense.

Do You Have Any Hobbies?

Playing the goblet drum.

Desert Island Essential?

Flare gun.

Celebrity Crush?

Never had one, don’t think I ever will.

Sweet Or Savoury?


What’s Your Bedtime?

When the eyelids start to drop.

Ever Broken A Bone?


What Word Would People Use To Describe You?

100 miles an hour.