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Michelle Hollywood

Treatment Care Coordinator

Cdg Start Date?



BA Hons in Child and Family Studies, A levels, GCSEs, British sign language, tennis coach assistant.

Lived Off-Island? If So Where:

Studied in Leeds and lived there after my degree, I've also lived in various places when I travelled with my Husband years ago.


Yes a Husband and two little boys.

Have You Had Any Dental Treatment At The Practice? If So, What?

Had some amalgam fillings replaced with white fillings with Caroline and had a muscle attachment (part of my soft tissues) lazered by Jeremy – both procedures were painless.

Favourite Thing About Working At Cdg?

I would have to say the friendly environment, it's so nice to be part of a team who get along well. I like the banter and support we give each other.

Do You Have Any Dental Goals For The Year?

To use my TePe brushes every day without fail.

Perfect Job?

I’d love to create and sell arty things for a living - making things is when I’m at my most peaceful. I do enjoy it, short of watching live music for a living.

Favourite Parish?

Probably St Brelade, it is where my Husband and I spent a lot of time, fond memories for sure.

Favourite Band?

I’m a big lover of music- rock music in particular. Foo fighters, Biffy Clyro, 21 pilots are up there as my favs. Can’t wait to take the boys to their first gig.

Favourite Film?

The Goonies, it reminds me of childhood and friendship- love it! I also love The Royal Tenembaums too, love the film maker Wes Anderson.

Do You Have Any Hobbies?

Not really anymore, I used to play tennis for the Island but my hobbies have taken a back seat since the boys arrived on the scene.

Desert Island Essential?

A boat, or plane and pilot to get off it.

Celebrity Crush?

Always loved Brandon Flowers from The Killers, I’m a sucker for a lead singer who is a bit quirky and charismatic.

Sweet Or Savoury?

I am partial to both but would depend on my mood. Sticky toffee pudding, chocolate brownies or a good steak

What’s Your Bedtime?

Between 10-11pm

Ever Broken A Bone?

Nope not yet and I hope it doesn’t happen.

What Word Would People Use To Describe You?

Not sure, maybe small ☺