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Katie Park

GDC Number: 6544CDG

Cdg Start Date?

I worked at the practice originally as a nurse in 1996 from when I was 18 before qualifying as a Dental Nurse and working at the practice for 6 years in this role. I then left the island for 6 years and studied Hygiene in Cardiff, practicing there for four years. When I returned to the island there was only one place I wanted to work and that was here and now I’ve been practicing Hygiene at CDG since 2008.

Lived Off-Island?

If so where: I went to university in Cardiff and was there as a student for two years and then worked as Hygienist for four. It’s my favourite UK city and I still visit often. My best friends are there and we’re still very close now.

Have You Had Any Dental Treatment At The Practice? If So, What?

Yes, I wear a Tanner Splint (mouth guard to help treat symptoms such as headaches and neck ache) and had my teeth whitened too. I love having white teeth and get serious tooth envy when a patient comes in with white teeth.

Favourite Thing About Working At Cdg?

The people I work with. We have great fun but get the job done. It’s also really nice to work with girls who really get on.

Dental Goals For The Year?

I’d like to get my teeth even whiter, I genuinely love white teeth.

Favourite Band?

I love all music My guilty pleasure, however, has always been Take That and I met Mark Owen in a bar in Cardiff which is my claim to fame. I have been to see them in concert 7 times now.

Interesting Hobby?

I tried surfing but didn’t really like it. I’m always up for trying new things though and that’s what got me out on the water. I am a bit of a foodie and enjoy trying out new recipes but am not so good at the baking side of things so you won’t see me on The Great British Bake Off any time soon.

Do You Live With Anyone?

I live with my son Charlie in St Brelade. We love being out west and both my sisters live within walking distance which is great and will be lovely for Charlie to be close to his cousins as he grows up.

Perfect Job?

I’d love to own my own bar, It’d have live music all the time which is a bit lacking here.

Favourite Parish?

I’m a westie and grew up in St Mary now living in St Brelade and am a strong believer in West is Best.

Desert Island Essential?

Charlie and maybe Bradley Cooper too.

Sweet Or Savoury?

Totally savoury. Whenever I have dessert I want something savoury after. I love cheese and whilst I could give up chocolate, I could never even think about giving up cheese.

What’S Your Bedtime?

Now I’m a mum it's about 10pm as Charlie is an early riser and usually wakes at about 6am I can function on 5 hours sleep though, that’s all I really need.

Ever Broken A Bone?

No but I did bruise my coccyx on ‘The Big One’ (a fairground ride) at the top of ‘The Stratosphere’ in Vegas.

Favourite Film?

Baz Luhrman’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Love love love that film and I used to watch it all the time.

Celebrity Crush?

Bradley Cooper.

What Word Would People Use To Describe You?

Fun and kind. When I was at uni people knew when I was coming from my laugh.