Karolyn Quintal

Dental Nurse

Cdg Start Date?

November 1999 - Making me the longest Team member


Registered dental nurse

Lived Off-Island? If So Where:

No, I've always lived in Jersey.


Husband Darren and son Theo.

Have You Had Any Dental Treatment At The Practice? If So, What?

I had my teeth whitened before my wedding 11 years ago and have hygiene appointments but that’s it.

Favourite Thing About Working At Cdg?

All us girls get on so well and have such a laugh together and we have lovely patients which really brightens your day.

Do You Have Any Dental Goals For The Year?

To use Tepes more.

Perfect Job?

To open a dessert café where we sell huge ice-cream sundaes, pancakes and waffles.

Favourite Parish?

St Helier, I live there, work there and shop there.

Favourite Band?

Mcfly, I have seen them four times and I've also seen Danny solo this year. I'm going to see their come back tour next year, I can't wait.

Favourite Film?

I love comedy films like Team America and The Hangover movies. Also 80‘s movies like Stand By Me and Mannequin.

Do You Have Any Hobbies?

I like baking and making crafty things at home and also just spending time with my family doing fun things.

Desert Island Essential?

My family and chocolate.

Celebrity Crush?

Danny Jones from Mcfly is my man.

Sweet Or Savoury?


What’s Your Bedtime?

About 10pm

Ever Broken A Bone?


What Word Would People Use To Describe You?

Quiet but mighty apparently.