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Daisy Robertson

Trainee Dental Nurse

Cdg Start Date?

23rd September 2019


Trainee Dental Nurse

Lived Off-Island? If So Where:

I lived in Scotland until the age of 3.


My Chocolate Labrador called Presley would have to be classed as a child of mine.

Favourite Thing About Working At Cdg?

Every day is something new and different which weirdly enough makes me look forward to a Monday.

Do You Have Any Dental Goals For The Year?

To hopefully pass my Dental Nurse Exams.

Favourite Band?


Interesting Hobby?

I currently have a Labrador, so taking him on long walks on the beach or to the woods. I’m also a very sociable person so I enjoy meeting up with my friends and family throughout the week, in the summer we will do outdoor adventures however in the winter we tend to watch lots of movies whiles snuggled up on the sofa with lots of food.

Perfect Job?

Qualified Dental Nurse

Favourite Parish?

St Ouen

Desert Island Essential?

My best friend and family and not to forget… a life time supply of Rosa.

Sweet Or Savoury?


What’s Your Bedtime?

10:30pm or 11pm the latest as sleep is very important to me therefore I make sure to have enough of it so my body is able to recharge overnight and ready for what the next day brings.

Ever Broken A Bone?

I’ve broken my left wrist twice and my right wrist three times. The last time I broke my wrists was falling off the swing at St Catherine’s and ending up with a blue and pink cast on the left and right arm.

Favourite Film?

Step brothers.

Celebrity Crush?

Elvis Presley or Leonardo DiCaprio.

What Word Would People Use To Describe You?